Barge Skipper

In this insightful interview, Tido, a water worker and skipper in Amsterdam shares his experiences in maintaining and cleaning the city’s iconic canals. He discusses the significance of the canals in protecting the city from flooding and talks about the various debris they encounter, including plastic, tires, and even cars. Tido emphasises the importance of their work in keeping the canals safe and navigable. The interview also touches on childhood memories, dreams, and legends related to water. Tido’s story offers a unique perspective on the hidden but crucial role of water workers in preserving the beauty and functionality of Amsterdam’s waterways.

Teamleader brug-en Sluiswachten

As a little Amsterdam boy, Stefan climbed opened bridges to annoy the bridge keepers, not knowing he would become a bridge and lock keeper himself. For 15 years, Stefan has worked as a bridge and lock keeper. He shares his love for the profession.