In Terschelling, we satisfied our thirst for knowledge by exploring potable water with those working and involved in the provision of tap water. Radios from the School were spread around the forest creating listening spots on site. People congregated to listen in different areas around the forest. At the end of the path, they discovered the pop-up studio, with the hosts broadcasting live and recorded interviews with the water experts. We asked workers to bring a tool for the live interview and a sample of water from their workplace.


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    These are the water samples from the water workers we met in Tershcelling. .


    Local Interviews


    Albert Kiers, District and Dijk Manager, Wetterskip Frysland

    Joeri Lammers, Forest Ranger, Staatsbosbeheer


    Simone Verlaan, Swimming pool supervisor, Dobe Zwembad


    Gerard Cupido, Cattle Farmer, self-employed


    Pier Vellinga, Professor of Climate and Water


    Jeltje Hoekstra-Sikkema, 2nd deputy major on Terschelling, Gemeente Terschelling


    Joke Janson, Trainee with the Dutch Water Authorities, Hoogheemraadschap Delfland


    Ward Erhard, Infrastructure Engineer festival Oerol

    Jan van der Bij, Field Worker Staatsbosbeheer


    Jacqueline Hek Sewage Treatment Operator, Wetterskip Fryslan

    Hessel Rozenga, Process Operator, Vitens

    Jessica Winkelhorst, Spokesperson, Vitens


    Flang Cupido, Salt agriculture and chef, Zilte smaak

    Meta Interviews


    Remko Pals, Amateur historian, Cultuur historische vereniging Terschelling


    Roberta Hoffman Senior Scientist, KWR Water


    Marin de Boer, Curator of Expedition program, festival Oerol

    organised by Jimmy Grima, Ira Melkonyan, Annefleur Schep, Nathan Fain, Isobel Dryburgh, and Daniel Teunissen Dramaturgical Support Lisa Skwirblies, Florian Malzacher Production Manager Jimmy Grima, Technique Nathan Fain, Adam Burns, Artistic Advice Silvia Bottiroli, Lara Staal, Joachim Robbrecht. With the support of MICT Media in Cooperation and Transition gGmbH and DAS Theatre Made possible by festival Oerol, Over ‘t IJ Festival en StrandLab Almere