Water System Analyst

In the interview, Joost Stoffels, a water quality expert in Amsterdam, discussed the city’s efforts to improve water quality and promote safe swimming locations. He differentiated between official and unofficial swimming spots and emphasized the importance of caution when swimming in Amsterdam’s waters. Joost also shared fond memories of water-related experiences. As a water worker, he has witnessed the growing trend of wild swimming and the increasing public interest in water quality, driving his passion for ensuring cleaner and safer waters in the city.

Advisor Climate Adaption

Throughout the interview, Soesja sheds light on the positive transformation of Amsterdam’s canals, which have gone from being too polluted to swim in during their childhood to now attracting people for refreshing swims on sunny days. As a professional specializing in water and climate adaptation, she provides unique perspectives on the evolution of water management and the challenges faced by the Netherlands, particularly concerning dike maintenance and rising sea levels.


How to communicate water? An inteview with Jessica Winkelhorst, a spokesperson of Vitens.
Water sample: tap water.

Sewage Treatment Operator

Jacqueline Hek is a water treatment operator, she manages the sewage treatment plant on Terschelling. Jacqueline takes us through the process of purifying sewage water into water that is clean enough to enter the sea. She talks about her finds in the sewage treatment plant, what has she learned about humanity? Water sample: sewage samples before treatment.

Process Operator

Hessel Rozenga has a lot of power on Terschelling. He is responsible for all drinking water on the island. From checking the drinking water installation and the pipe from the mainland to Terschelling, to repairs at people’s homes. Hessel explains how water is purified into drinking water. He himself does not drink purified water, but directly from the ground. So why do people still want purified water? And could we also purify sewage water into drinking water?
Water sample: tap water Tool: plumbing fitting.

2nd Deputy Major

With the second deputy major on Terschelling we had a conversation about various facets of water policy. It was striking how “listening” in this interview became a bridging theme between art and policymaking. Water sample: tap water from Gemeente Tool: iPad.

Swimming Pool Supervisor

Simone Verlaan came to Terschelling to study at the Willem Barentz Maritime Institute in order to sail the sea. In addition to her studies, she became a lifeguard at Terschelling’s swimming pool. She tells about a pool that is never emptied, but that is cleaned 24/7 and about the taste of drinking water on West Terschelling.

Water sample: Swimming pool water from the pipe for testing water

Tool: Thermometer

Senior Scientist

To what extent is the Dutch drinking water clean and safe to drink? And when is it clean enough? These and more questions will be answered by Roberta Hofmann. Hofmann is a senior scientist at KWR Water Research Institute. Her specialties are drinking water and wastewater treatment. The KWR tries to bridge science to practice in order to build the knowledge needed to address complex water challenges. We spoke with Roberta about the undesirable substances in the Dutch drinking water and what the processes are to remove them.

In hoeverre is het Nederlandse drinkwater schoon en drinkbaar? En wanneer is het schoon genoeg? Deze en meer vragen worden beantwoord door Roberta Hofmann. Hofmann is senior wetenschapper bij KWR Water Research Institute. Haar specialiteiten zijn drinkwater- en afvalwaterzuivering. De KWR probeert een brug te slaan tussen wetenschap en praktijk om de kennis op te bouwen die nodig is om complexe wateropgaven aan te pakken. We spraken met Roberta over de ongewenste stoffen in het Nederlandse drinkwater en wat de processen zijn om deze te verwijderen.

District and Dijk Manager

Rayon manager and dike keeper Albert Kiers, works for Wetterskp Fryslân. He tells us about the inner and outer dike area on Terschelling. The island is slightly tilted: part is above sea level and part is below. Kiers is constantly looking for the right water level for the whole area. A broadcast with a map, a salt meter and meticulous notes in an oldfashioned noteboook.

Rayonbeheerder en dijkwachter Albert Kiers, werkzaam voor Wetterskp Fryslân vertelt over het binnen- en buitendijks gebied op Terschelling. Het eiland ligt een beetje gekanteld: een deel ligt boven NAP en een deel eronder. Kiers zoekt voortdurend naar de juiste waterstand voor het hele gebied. Een uitzending met een kaart, zoutmeter en een succesagenda.
Water sample: ground water
Tool: conductivity meter

Forest Ranger

In daily life, forester Joeri Lamers informs residents of Terschelling about the work the Forestry Commission does to protect nature. In our studio he tells us about the origins of the Hoorn forest and the connection between dunes and fresh water.
Water sample: ground water from the forest
Tool: binoculars