Water System Analyst

In the interview, Joost Stoffels, a water quality expert in Amsterdam, discussed the city’s efforts to improve water quality and promote safe swimming locations. He differentiated between official and unofficial swimming spots and emphasized the importance of caution when swimming in Amsterdam’s waters. Joost also shared fond memories of water-related experiences. As a water worker, he has witnessed the growing trend of wild swimming and the increasing public interest in water quality, driving his passion for ensuring cleaner and safer waters in the city.

Ferry Skipper

This is an interview with Uljan, a skipper with GVB Ferries. Uljan, who came to the interview dressed in full uniform, told the School of Winds and Waves about his daily routine at work, secrets that deep waters conceal, and an office with the best view in Amsterdam.


How to communicate water? An inteview with Jessica Winkelhorst, a spokesperson of Vitens.
Water sample: tap water.