Expedition Curator

A closing interview of our Terschelling edition. How to facilitate ecology-sensitive artmaking and art consumption? What are the challenges and various forces at play for degrowth? Water sample: from a reservoir Hedredersplak, Hoornsebos. Tool: fountain pen.

Amateur Historian

Remko Pals works at the Cultural Historical Association on Terschelling. He tells us all about the history of the island and the influence of man on the island. Water sample: ground water Tool: well bucket.


Joke recently completed a thesis looking at the impacts of salinization on the farming culture of Terschelling. Jokes research paid particular attention to the farmers themselves and their affinities. We spoke about her findings and her current work as a trainee with the Dutch Water authorities. Water sample: tapwater from Noordwij Tool: a deck of sustainability cards.

Professor of Climate and Water

We spoke to Pier Vellinga, Professor of Climate and Water, about the impacts of salinization on agriculture at large and on the island of Terschelling. Pier leant us his knowledge when thinking about the future of crops and farming once water supplies become saltier.

Senior Scientist

To what extent is the Dutch drinking water clean and safe to drink? And when is it clean enough? These and more questions will be answered by Roberta Hofmann. Hofmann is a senior scientist at KWR Water Research Institute. Her specialties are drinking water and wastewater treatment. The KWR tries to bridge science to practice in order to build the knowledge needed to address complex water challenges. We spoke with Roberta about the undesirable substances in the Dutch drinking water and what the processes are to remove them.

In hoeverre is het Nederlandse drinkwater schoon en drinkbaar? En wanneer is het schoon genoeg? Deze en meer vragen worden beantwoord door Roberta Hofmann. Hofmann is senior wetenschapper bij KWR Water Research Institute. Haar specialiteiten zijn drinkwater- en afvalwaterzuivering. De KWR probeert een brug te slaan tussen wetenschap en praktijk om de kennis op te bouwen die nodig is om complexe wateropgaven aan te pakken. We spraken met Roberta over de ongewenste stoffen in het Nederlandse drinkwater en wat de processen zijn om deze te verwijderen.